What our clients are saying

Ed WinslowAnne Ponder has a knack – well, more than a knack – for wrestling what feels like the chaos of higher education and its future into concrete governance processes. Clarity is her game. And, with what she does, she builds a real sense of direction and self-assurance in governing boards.
-Ed Winslow, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Guilford College

Jane FernandesAnne Ponder’s leadership advice and executive coaching helped launch my presidency at Guilford College by helping me take hold quickly and effectively. She confirmed my instincts and coached me to recognize the most important elements of my new landscape. My credibility was immediately enhanced due to the breadth of her personal and professional capacity and the depth of her compassion, human insight and ability to inspire everyone around her. She was similarly influential with my Board of Trustees, who recognized her ability to help them think more clearly and strategically about their own organizational strengths and challenges. A stellar thinker, problem-solver, leader and colleague, Anne Ponder encouraged me to be my most courageous self and provided graceful guidance as I sorted priorities in my early years as a college president.
-Jane Fernandes, President, Guilford College

David OliveI have had the pleasure of working with a number of talented people, but none who combine creativity and intelligence in such a resourceful way as Anne Ponder and her team. During my tenure as Chair of the Executive Committee of the Appalachian College Association, Anne Ponder’s team provided a thorough review of the association and its operations, they skillfully analyzed our members’ needs and desires, and guided us through a dynamic strategic planning process. I can’t imagine having gone through this dynamic and multifaceted process so successfully with anyone other than Anne and her team.
-David Olive, President, Bluefield College, Former Executive Committee Chair, Appalachian College Association

Jane FernandesChristine’s analytical acumen and strategic planning experience are only two elements of her extraordinary gifts. I first met Christine when she was Chief of Staff to Chancellor Anne Ponder and I was Provost at UNC Asheville, and I learned very quickly that her judgment, forthrightness, and tenacity were rock-solid reliable. Now, as a multifaceted consultant, her expertise on topics as wide ranging as building systems [compensation, policies, etc.] and establishing strategic metrics for charting institutional progress have been a tremendous help to me in my capacity as a college president. In addition, her writing and editing are deft and clarifying, whether they come in the form of summaries of complex conversations or evaluative and operational reports.
-Jane Fernandes, President, Guilford College

Beth RushingThe consultants with Anne Ponder Associates have been valuable partners for the Appalachian College Association. Anne, Christine, and Rob each provided knowledgeable and skillful guidance at a pivotal time for our organization of 35 member colleges. Their expertise in strategic planning and organizational effectiveness has been instrumental in our success.
-Beth Rushing, President, Appalachian College Association